SDGs Initiatives

Goals to be achieved Content of activities Aims(Ķ)
Economy Promote the creation of a workplace where each and every employee feels fulfilled by achieving planned production by reviewing machine manufacturing methods at least once a month at internal meetings and also by improving productivity. Improve the production success rate by reviewing the manufacturing environment, and promote the creation of a workplace where employees feel fulfilled with their work. (ĶUntil 2027)
Society Promote women's active engagement and equal employment between men and women to increase the ratio of female employees by 10% or more from the current level, and accept young people for internships at least once a year with the aim of supporting their career development. Continuation of FLOWERMADE activities (ĶUntil 2025)
Environment Contribute to society by developing power-saving machines and developing testing machines at least one per month for universities and companies. Developing machines (Ķ1 case/month)

We have concluded an official supporter contract with Toho Flower Co. on "FLOWER MADE" project.


We support "FLOWER MADE" in its activities to support youth and people with disabilities.

We engaged in this activity because we share the vision of FLOWER MADE, which is "to contribute to the community through the promotion and employment of people with disabilities who have various possibilities, and through the career development of young people.

FLOWER MADE is a new "welfare version of fair trade brand" that will create a sustainable and symbiotic society together with customers who share our vision and ideas through "employment promotion and job placement for people with disabilities" and "career development for young people, especially students".


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