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The air covering machine has the following functions: it feeds continuous fibers such as polyurethane yarn, generally known as spandex, nylon and polyester, into an interlacing nozzle with a feed roller set at arbitrary speed, interlaces that yarn with air using turbulence generated by compressed air inside the nozzle, and then produces yarn known as ACY.

The AT-501 RWSI series can produce ACY at lower cost by processing it at a higher speed when compared to SCY which is produced by traditional low speed winding covering machine.

From a current global perspective, use of ACY is dramatically increasing. And that is because ACY has been recognized as a worthy substitute for SCY because of the improved quality. This trend will accelerate in the global market trend and decreasing price of the product.
ACY was originally used in panty hose (specifically the panty area), leg tights, socks, inner gloves, etc. However, as the price of polyurethane yarn as a material has recently been declining, application of ACY in apparel such as sportswear, outerwear and inner wear is increasing.
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