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The draw texturizing machine has the following functions: physically twists continuous fibers (POY/FDY) such as nylon and polyester 3,000 to 4,000 times per meter, restores twisting to its original state after thermal treatment in making fine crimps, and then produces bulky, stretchable and resilient DTY.

The TH series differs from the high-speed draw texturizing machines that are increasingly being used in recent years. It was developed to produce not the normal draw texturized yarn but value-added complex draw texturizing yarn, suiting the features of this machine. The TH series has the yarn guide required in production of complex yarn and a variety of optional devices; thereby making it suitable for production of high-quality complex yarn.

The intended use of DTY has grown into a great variety over the years since the development and diffusion of draw texturizing, a major processing method of raw synthetic fiber. However, as the production of normal DTY is greater than global demand in recent years, the market now needs the development and production of new value-added complex yarn.
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TH-211 & 212
TH-211 & 212
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