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a) Equipped with one feed roller, one delivery roller (two in the TH-212), one first heater, one second heater (the TH-212 only) and a magnet pin spindle as standard. DTY is produced by processing POY and FDY of continuous synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester. As a magnet pin spindle is utilized, in spite of a lower production speed, high-quality yarn with less not untwisted parts can be produced when compared to other draw texturizing machines in respect of mechanisms.
b) If the optional hot pin heater is added, T&T yarn can be produced.
c) If the optional slub device is added, DTY slub can be produced.
d) DTY elongation and crimping can be adjusted with the second heater (the TH-212 only).
e) All processing conditions are determined by PLC.
Setting can be carried out with either the touch panel or a PC.
f) Either side (R and L) of the machine can operate independently in different conditions.
Utilizes a line shaft driving system, allowing for uniform spindle quality.
g) Winding size is 10 inches (250mm) and can be equipped with the optional auto doffer.
h) The maximum number of spindles is 216. Adding to it every 24 spindles (one block) is supported.
  *The difference between the TH-211 and the TH-212 is the availability of the second heater and the number of delivery rollers attached to it.
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