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This winder is for carbon fiber which became final products through production line by for years of AIKI
accumulated techonology. Corresponds to both of PAN & PITCH mother yarn.
Target Model
ASFW series

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ASFW R4 & R5
ASFW AC series
1) Automatic tension control system with dancer roller :
No need to adjust tension spring or volume to maintain the tension of each positions.
Combination of dancer roller, AIKI original torque motor and inverter enable automatic winding tension control.
2) Simple setting :
Able to control all positions, only require to input desired tension and speed to touch panel screen on man controller.
3) Contact pressure change ; Can be selected alternatives as follows,
Mechanical system - Able to select contact pressure as user requested by spring adjustment. And able to mechanical decrease gradually.
Electrical system - Able to adjust all positions simultaneously by air-cylinder contorol. Suitable to large package size as well as normal.
4) Production control (Yarn length, doffing time and yarn breakage) :
All items can be set & checked by monitor on main controller
5) Yarn guide :
AIKI original flat yarn guide is able to wind CF constantly at its widest width.
Control winded CF width change within minimum range from start to the end.
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