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Machines for Synthetic fibers and Winder
Air Texturizing Machine
Air Covering Machine
Draw Texturizing Machine
Winding Machine
Monofilament Production Line
Splitting Machine
Texturizing Machine
Direct Warping Machines
Gear texturizing machine
Carbon fiber production related equipments
Creel stand for PAN Precursor
Creel stand for Carbon fiber
Winder for Carbon fiber
Winder for PAN Precursor
UD Prepreg Machine
Pilot Machine
Coated Yarn Production Equipment
Coating Machine
a) It is possible to supply the yarn with stable tension not affected by changes of supply mother yarn diameter since controlling speed of creel lead holder with Inverter system.
b) 2 point Nip feed roller system is capable to supply yarn stably without slipping due to using 2 types of roller. ( Upper : one rubber roller, Lower : 2 Carbon steel rollers with hard chrome plating )
c) By maintaining overfeed ratio stable with feedback device between 2 nip feed rollers, it is able to split mother yarns with stable tension.
d) Because of using winding device which has edge breaker and adjustable winding position system,
it has ability to make a beautiful package.
e) Because of it has the clutch mechanism on the winding motor and feed motor,
it is able to reduce a load to the drive belt when the machine stops and it will make a belt life last long.
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