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The splitting machine produces monofilament or splits filament yarn into several from raw yarn for splitting such as nylon and polyester.
Suits the production of small lots and of various monofilaments such as extra fine denier fiber and conductive fiber more than the normal monofilament directly produced in the spinning stage.

The KA series allows stable monofilament production at high speed with low yarn breakage due to its unique dividing system. It can also be used in filament splitting that produces monofilaments directly from raw yarn for splitting, and in woolly splitting that produces them from draw textured raw yarn.
Combining the TH series (TH-211B), the AIKI's draw texturizing machine and the KA series can efficiently produce high-margin woolly splitting yarn.
In the KA series, the ST type is equipped with both draw textured and splitting mechanisms, so the above two processes can be carried out simultaneously, therefore allowing the production of woolly monofilament directly from normal splitting yarn.

Intended use of the splitting yarn is versatile, all the way from women' dresses to industrial material such as interior curtains. The sheer fabric known as organdy is a representative application of woolly splitting yarn.
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