PRODUCTS   Features of SW-200-G  
Machines for Synthetic fibers and Winder
Air Texturizing Machine
Air Covering Machine
Draw Texturizing Machine
Winding Machine
Monofilament Production Line
Gear texturizing machine
Carbon fiber production related equipments
Creel stand for PAN Precursor
Creel stand for Carbon fiber
Winder for Carbon fiber
Winder for PAN Precursor
UD Prepreg Machine
Pilot Machine
Coated Yarn Production Equipment
Coating Machine
a) Gear texturizing machine for synthetic filament fiber. Major purpose is to produce bulky and unevenness yarn.
b) All process conditions are determined by PLC. Setting can be carried out with the touch panel.
c) This machine is only available for one side structure. Utilizes a line shaft driving system, allowing for uniform spindle quality.
d) Each spindle has doffing timer and capable for wind set length.
e) Standard winding size is 8 inches (200mm). Available for 10 inches (250mm) as an option.
f) A block structure is 5 spindles and maximum number of spindles is 40.
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