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a) A soft winder with heater for cheese dyeing, allowing the production process of dyed synthetic processed yarn to be reduced and needing less manpower.
b) Potential clients include yarn dyeing and yarn sales companies. Naturally companies that manage the entire process from yarn processing to fabric production can also be included as potential clients.
c) High fabric elasticity after dyeing, almost equivalent to that by skein dyeing, has been achieved by utilizing highly productive cheese dyeing.
As cheese dyeing is utilized, a drastic reduction in the number of processes is possible when compared to the skein dyeing described below.
[Traditional skein dyeing process]
(1) Skeining → (2) Crimping (steam set) → (3) Dyeing → (4) Expander → (5) Cheese winding
[Cheese dyeing process of the TSW-600]
(1) Dyeing → (2) Cheese winding
d) Yarn adjusted to the most suitable low tension and electrically sent by two feed rollers (installed in front of and behind the heater respectively) is continuously and stably crimped with the precisely maintained heater.
e) Unique winding method is employed to retain a certain amount of low contact pressure, allowing the production of a soft winding package with uniform and low density, ideal for cheese dyeing.
f) All processing conditions are determined by PLC. Setting can be carried out with either the touch panel or a PC.
g) Either side (R and L) of the machine can operate independently in different conditions.
Utilizes a line shaft driving system, allowing for uniform spindle quality.
h) Each spindle has a doffing timer that allows the yarn to be kept at the specified length.
i) Winding size is 8 inches (200mm) with 10 inches (250mm) available as an option.
j) The maximum number of spindles is 96. Adding to it every 16 spindles (one block) is supported.
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