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Direct warping machine is capable to split mother yarn and wound up onto beam directly from mother yarn such as nylon and polyester.
The monofilament wound up onto the beam is used for supplying to Tricot machine mainly.
Generally, in order to supply monofilament onto the beam, mother yarn has to be split by yarn splitting machine first, then goes to the beam stage. However, this new machine has ability to do it in one process, which makes more economical and rationalistic.
This our new machine can set 60 pcs. ( Optional : Max. 80pcs. ) of mother yarn and they can wind up to max. 960 ( Optional : Max. 1280 ) monofilaments to the beam. The supply mother yarn can be Polyester and Nylon. Maximum mechanical speed is 1,000m/min. and normal operation speed is 500m/min.
The usage of the product is wide from apparel to industrial materials such as wedding dress,
ribbon of gifts, cushion material for inner wear and running shoes.
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